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WOLVERINE 5K​ Tactical Adventure Race

03 Jun 2023 at 12:00AM through 11:30PM

​​This "Red Dawn" themed tactical adventure race is a test of orienteering skills, athletic speed and endurance, tactical tasks handling, and diverse marksmanship skills.

Athletes of this race may register solo or as a 4 person team in Hardcore or Recreational class. This event is a cumulative time & time penalty score based event. Your base score is your start/stop time of the 5K orienteering courses. The shooting and tactical task stages are scored to reward/penalize your baseline time. 

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6/6/2023 2:45 PM
Wolverine 5K

Thanks Again American Defense Manufacturing For the Quality Products and Being a sponsor of the Wolverine 5k, This was the first Year our Team made it out and had a great time! I won an American Defense 30mm Extended QD mount engraved "Wolverine 5k. Excellent quality mount now I need to grab a new LPVO to make some use of it. Thanks Again!