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Thunder On The Tundra

26 Aug 2023 at 06:00AM through 27 Aug 2023 at 07:00PM

Come and join us for a fun Com-Bloc only carbine match, brought to you by the Facebook Group, Com-Bloc WI. Join us for 2 days of fun, spanning 10 stages of fast paced, challenging, and fun AK antics! We welcome both new and veteran shooters! There will also be bonfires at night, and we are working on setting up vendor/demo bays.

Com-Bloc attire and Track suits are encouraged! Please leave the Vodka at home though!

The match will be mostly paper targets, with 30 to 40 rounds per stage, NO STEEL CORE OR AP AMMO!!!!!

PLEASE NOTE, NO ARs OR AMERICAN RIFLES WILL BE PERMITTED TO COMPETE. Multiple firearms WILL be allowed, but only one may be used per stage. All competitors must have a case or cart for their firearms. Chamber Flags will be required, and will be handed out at the check in table. If in a cart, firearms MUST be stored muzzle up or down. NO SLINGS WILL BE ALLOWED ON COMPETITORS FIREARMS!

If you need a campsite, please email us at [email protected]. Camp sites are for tents only, and will be $40 for Friday-Sunday night.

Please join the OFFICIAL Thunder on the Tundra Facebook page for up to the minute match updates!


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