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The Gun Run

14 Jan 2023 at 12:00AM through 11 Nov 2023 at 11:30PM


Come out and join us for 2023 The Gun Run Season!

The Gun Run is an approximately 5 kilometer centerfire biathlon, also known as a run and gun. Participants will carry a rifle, pistol, ammunition, and magazines as they negotiate obstacles and approximately 6 shooting stages.


Match Information


Match Dates:

14 JAN, at The Sawmill, Laurens, SC (Team)

10-11 MAR, at VODTAC, Old Fort, NC (Night Ops)

29 APR, at Shadow Hawk, Hedgesville, WV (Individual)

20 MAY, at DeWitts, Ellerbe, NC (Team Land Nav)

24 JUN, at The Sawmill, Laurens, SC (Individual) 

23 SEP, at DeWitts, Ellerbe, NC (Individual)

21 OCT, at Backroad 288, Gordon, AL (Individual)

10-11 NOV, at VODTAC, Old Fort, NC (Team Night Ops)


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