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Real World Product Reviews From Warfighters, Industry Professionals And Firearms Enthusiasts

Reviews From The Field

UIC Mod 2- 14.5" Complete Upper Receiver Group

"When my unit received the new army issued uppers before our last deployment, I found the accuracy to be very disappointing. I recently attended our required pre-deployment Advanced Urban Combat training and purchased a 14.5" UIC Mod 2 Upper Receiver Group to test out during this course and to deploy with. I was instantly amazed by the accuracy of the Mod 2 Upper, featuring the Criterion .223 Wylde Barrel and it aided me in taking the top shooting position for the duration of training."

"This is something I’m very proud of in a Special Forces company full of A type personalities that prides itself on its shooting prowess."

18B-Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, US Army 1st SFG

UIC Mod 2- 12.5" Complete Upper Receiver Group

"I received this 12.5" UIC Mod 2 Upper from ADM to test before upcoming deployment. I have not had a single issue with the upper as far as functionality goes, every time I have pulled the trigger it fires smooth and flawlessly. I have not seen a large degradation of accuracy with the ADM Upper when the barrel gets hot which was my biggest problem with the Army Issued Upper Receiver Group. I'm not a precision shooter and I know we aren't shooting the greatest ammunition, but I know I can shoot better than 2.5”-3" groups at 50 meters. With the Hybrid Contour Criterion Barrel in the ADM upper, my accuracy was significantly better than the Army Issues Upper Receiever Group and accuracy does not degrade during or after a large volume of fire due to heat. Initially, I was a little skeptical of the carbine length gas system on the 12.5" Upper since it is what we run on our issued 10.3" MK18 uppers. When we run a company SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat), I carry several extra bolts with us to the range. I have personally seen about 2-3 dozen bolts broken by my team, mostly from rifles with short barrels. The main cause for these issues is the ammunition we primarily shoot, the M855A1 EPR (Enhanced Performance Round). This specific ammunition is extremely hot and harsh on guns, especially shorter length gas systems, and is well known and documented to break bolt lugs. I have a few thousand rounds through the ADM UIC Mod 2 12.5” Upper and have not seen any damage to the bolt lugs at all.”

“Overall, I believe this 12.5” Mod 2 Upper is an amazing piece of hardware and is the best length for a do-all rifle. I have 100% confidence in using this upper on my next deployment.”

18B-Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, US Army 1st SFG

ADM T1 2.33" Night Vision Height Mount

"The height of this mount is awesome, I can get a quick sight picture without having to move my head down on the buttstock. When used with night vision, it makes shooting very quick and easy. Durability wise, I have been throwing it in and out of trucks while bouncing around the desert for the last several months. I have fired atleast 5,000 rounds through it so far without any shift in zero or loosening of the mount and optic."

"This mount is very light weight compared to other mounts on the market I have used in the past, I love this mount!"

18B-Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, US Army 5th SFG

"I purchased the Night Vision height mount for ease of sight acquisition and it has made engagements from the low ready faster almost immediately. When you raise the rifle, the dot is right where it needs to be without any additional effort of lowering your head to see through the optic. When in use under Night Vision, it's an amazing tool for passive engagement while green. It's shining point is engaging targets past 200m where I can use the red dot to make difficult 250m to 300m shots with my 10.3" URG."

18B-Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, US Army

ADM Offset RMR Mount-Titanium Lever

"I purchased the ADM 45 degree offset mount with the new lightweight titanium lever for the RMR to use as a secondary aiming option to my LPVO. This mount was my top choice due to ADM’s other quality mounts and how lightweight it is. It's been on my 14.5" URG banging around in a turret for several months and has been solid without any shift in zero. This rifle setup is heavy as is, but this mount adds minimal weight, which is crucial for a patrol rifle that is carried around all day. This offset mount has made immediately engaging close up targets a breeze after engaging further targets at full power with my LPVO."

"I can confidently engage targets out to 100m and beyond with a quick cant of my rifle while using this offset mount.”

18B-Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, US Army

Customer Reviews

UIC Builders Set 

"This Christmas I decided to gift myself a new rifle build from American Defense, and what a gift it was! The beauty, design and functionality far surpasses any other AR15 I've seen on the market. Their ambidextrous controls are the easiest to manipulate and are one of very few actually fully ambidextrous lowers that features a bolt catch and release lever. The high quality anodizing process is unique and flawless, it almost appears to be as smooth and consistent as Cerakote.

Both the upper and lower fit together like a glove with zero wobble and no need to adjust the tension screw. I've never seen fitment as amazing as this before, even with some of my other high end and expensive rifle builds. I also did not need shims (another 1st) when installing my barrel of choice (Criterion barrel) due to the tight tolerances of the barrel extension on the upper receiver and the handguard also fit perfectly. I haven't gotten a chance to fire it yet as the build is not complete but I can definitely say ADM has won my heart and I will be back.

To top it off, their customer service goes way beyond any other manufacturer I have ever interacted with. Every question I had was answered almost immediately, and that alone will keep coming back for years to come. They offer so many different options and color schemes that you could build for decades and not get bored.”

"I would highly recommend anyone looking for a completely ambidextrous, high quality AR15 rifle, lower or high quality mount to give American Defense a look."

ADM Customer and Firearms Enthusiast

UIC Mod 2 Rifle

"I have taken several carbine classes with my 14.5" UIC Mod 2 Rifle which focused on maximizing the effectiveness of the carbine utilizing an LPVO and have dominated my classmates time and time again. The accuracy of the Criterion barrel paired with a Geissele G2S trigger is second to none. As a Police Officer whose department issues our duty rifles, I have been using another well-known companies 11.5" rifle on duty for several years. I have to say, the ADM 11.5” UIC is wicked when compared to my issued rifle. The ambidextrous Talon 45 degree safety, ambidextrous magazine release, ambidextrous bolt catch/release lever and ambidextrous Raptor charging handle make weapons manipulation a breeze. You will have no issues engaging the safety when switching your weapon from shoulder to shoulder while clearing rooms in an urban environment."

"Its ADM or nothing for me now."

ADM Customer and Police Sergeant with 13 years of service

UIC Mod 2 Rifle

“The American Defense UIC features a billet machined, completely ambidextrous Lower Receiver. Unlike other manufactures who claim to be ambidextrous, ADM designed their Lower from the ground up to be user friendly and completely ambidextrous! The UIC Lower features an ambidextrous safety, Geissele G2S trigger, enlarged bolt catch, right side bolt catch and release lever, and a left side magazine release paddle. All controls on the UIC lower can be manipulated without removing your firing hand from the grip.

The American Defense UIC Upper Receiver Group is also second to none. My go to setup is a Mod 2 Upper that features a 14.5” Criterion .223 Wylde barrel, MLOK rail, and an ambidextrous charging handle. I have had excellent accuracy and absolute reliability with this upper receiver group.

The other American Defense products that I trust my life with is their optic mounts. My current favorites are the AD-Delta-C-H 1.93” scope mount and the night vision height red dot mounts. These are easy to mount and adjust on any upper receiver, are super rugged, return to zero, and will last a lifetime.

My ability to speak about the ruggedness and value of American Defense products not only comes from shooting up to 15,000 rounds a year for training, but I am also a Law Enforcement officer with almost 2 decades of experience. During this time, I have been a member of an active SWAT team, been a Range Master for over 5 years, and run my own firearms training company.”

“The American Defense UIC Mod 2 is the most user-friendly, value packed rifle on the market today and I would never hesitate to trust my life with it.”

ADM Customer, Police Officer and Firearms Instructor

UIC Mod 2 Pistol  

”I truly love my ADM UIC Mod 2 Pistol in Bull Shark Grey Cerakote! I chose the 10.5” model because I wanted a shorter setup for CQB and to use as my night vision setup in the future. First, I would like to talk about the aesthetics of this firearm. I examined the Bull Shark Grey Cerakote finish inside and out and was blown away at the attention to detail of the finish by ADM. The inside surfaces of the upper and lower receiver are just as smooth as the outside, without adding to the thickness of the receivers. There isn’t a rough patch throughout the entire firearm and the color of grey they chose is magnificent. It truly has that fierce Bull Shark tone. Functionally, the 10.5” UIC Mod 2 pistol performs flawlessly due to the high quality of workmanship and top tier parts they use such as barrels from Criterion and triggers from Geissele. I have shot it suppressed and unsuppressed with hundreds of round through it and it continues to impress me every time I fire it. Not only is it a soft shooter, the action is very smooth as well. This is the finest AR pattern firearm I have had the privilege to own and shoot. The Mod 2 often makes my friends jealous when they shoot it. They immediately offer trades for it, which I decline with a smile."

"This has been one of my best purchases to date and I could not be happier with it, so much so that I purchased another UIC Mod 2 13.9” Patrol Rifle in the same Bull Shark Grey color."

ADM Customer, Shooting Sports Competitor, and Firearms Enthusiast

ADM Competition Rifle  

"I have been a competitive 3-gun shooter for the past 10 years and I use American Defense rifles and mounts because of their quality and versatility. As a lefty, the ambidextrous controls are a godsend for me to stay competitive against right hand shooters. The ambidextrous controls are very intuitive and in a pinch, I can hand my rifle to a right-handed shooter and they can be just as proficient with it. The accuracy of the Criterion Barrel in the Mod 2 Rifle is excellent and these rifles are built with high quality components and attention to detail. ADM’s customer service is top notch and they’re outreach to the shooting sports community is almost unrivaled."

"All of these factors are why I shoot, and will continue to shoot only American Defense Rifles."

ADM Customer, Shooting Sports Competitor, and Firearms Enthusiast