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My first rifle
After spending months watching reviews for different rifles and researching whether or not to build or buy a complete firearm, I finally purchased this one. It is pricier than some of the runner ups I had picked out, but it's money well spent. The rifle comes with all kinds of upgrades I would have spent hundreds of dollars on anyway. I have had it for about four months now and have put something like 1200 rounds through it. I have used all sorts of different 5.56/.223 brand ammo in it from the fancy high-end to the cheap and filthy. It has never jammed, has never failed to extract, and has always fired without issue. Best of all, it was in stock.

Do yourself a favor and buy one!
Matt | 10/31/2020 1:02 AM
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Quality You Will Notice
I purchased this rifle and another slightly cheaper one from another manufacturer at about the same time. (Only because of a specialized caliber ADM doesn't sell). The quality difference between the two rifles is absolutely apparent. The ADM rifle has that high quality feeling that those who work with tools, metal, etc will instantly recognize. Everything from the charging handle to the trigger is levels above similar priced rifles. The consistency of the rounds is also extremely apparent. With a red dot sight and little rifle experience I was able to start putting groupings together of 2-3" at 100 yards. If you have more time or training then myself then you will definitely quickly improve upon this. I've put nearly 1,000 rounds through it if mixed brands .223/5.56 ammo and never had one jam or failure on extraction. This rifle is worth quite a bit more than I paid and I see why the people I trust for rifle and shooting advice told me to get this one. Absolutely amazing piece of machinery!

The short version is this, this is the gun that I believe would let me protect my family if needed.
Joey | 11/19/2020 11:06 AM
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ADM UIC Mod 2 is impressive
I own multiple Ar-15s ranging mid to night range. You name it I probably got it. So I’m in a good position to do a comparison between ADM and other manufacturers. Starting off when I first out my hands on it I was impressed. Fit and finish is perfect, I looked it over and couldn’t find a flaw. The upper and lower fit perfect, there’s no play I mean none. I’ve not bought a rifle ever and it not have some sort of play. It’s solid as a rock. I recommend getting this over any AR-15 in its price range. If I could upload pictures for this review I would so I could show the accuracy. It shoots better groups then any AR-15 I have, even guns that’s more expensive. I can’t attest to long term how the gun will hold up but I’m sure it would hold up very well. Customer service was excellent. I got my gun within 4 weeks after placing order expecting it to take twice as long. I recommend  this rifle so much so I’m going to buy another one. So if you are thinking about buying one just do it. You will not be disappointed!!
Travis | 12/29/2020 7:19 AM
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I cannot explain how pleased I am with ADM.  ill say this, I have a radian model one that I completely ignore due to ADM believe it or not.  That's all I need to say.

Ambi everything, it already has the parts you would swap out and that barrel….  Please show me a manufacturer that will give you, GOOD billet, ambi everything, talon, raptor, criterion, and surefire…  for this price and availability…

Radian makes a great gun but why do I always grab my ADM over it and others?  If I’m shooting, training, talking, posting, thinking…  ADM is the spotlight and I'm more than okay with that.
Joseph | 12/16/2021 5:38 PM
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Easily my favorite carbine
What’s not to love about this carbine. I first bought the 14.5 and since day 1 it has run without a single hiccup. After a couple 1000 rounds still runs like it’s brand new. The build quality is phenomenal. Fit and finish is perfect and ADM makes one of the best looking and functional lowers in the industry. Out of the box with upgraded parts and one of the best barrels in the game. Built out a new 13.9 and went with ADM as well. Worth every penny
Justin | 10/22/2022 6:53 AM
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Best AR on the market
I've spent 15 years in the army in the Infantry. I've had my hands on so many weapon systems that I can't even keep track anymore. I deal specifically with M4's mainly. I've owned my ADM UIC Mod 2 for almost three years. I've put countless rounds through it and have had ZERO malfunctions. Everybody buy's AR's and changes parts that they want to upgrade or just want a higher quality. I've left this rifle completely stock except for the trigger, which I swapped out for a Geissele flat face. There's not one piece of my rifle that I dislike. Yes, you are paying much more for an ADM rifle but what you get is far superior than anything else you're ever going to be able to get anywhere else. Besides, how much money are you going to be spending by upgrading that lower end rifle to end up with what you want? Just buy ADM and be done with it. I promise you will be happy that you did.
Steven | 1/13/2023 1:06 PM
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