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Old Eighteen Defense Run N Gun

01 Jan 2023 at 12:00AM through 30 Nov 2023 at 07:00PM


Our goal is to enhance the competitive shooting sport of ‘Run n Gun’ by providing new technology, new venues, and new challenges to an already successful competition platform. The team at Old Eighteen Defense wants to re-energize the core base of competitors while also encouraging new shooters and enthusiasts to participate. We want to provide you, our clients, the best available experience to safely test your equipment and yourselves throughout or courses.


The 2023 season will feature 6 events including two special events, the Venado Sniper Challenge and The Ranch Invitational Night Match which have generated a great deal of excitement amongst our competitors. Each weekend long event will host about 250 individuals between our competitors, spectators, and Range Officers. The night match will have smaller attendance due to the constraints of fitting everyone on the course in low light conditions.


Match Information



January – RWR Run n Gun (Breckenridge, TX)

March 11th – HR3 Run n Gun (Cherokee, TX)

May 20th – Venado Run n Gun (Bandera, TX)

May 21st – Venado Sniper Challenge (Bandera, TX)

July 15th - The Ranch Invitational Night Match (Dilley, TX)

September – Stillwaters Run n Gun (Llano, TX)

November – Deadcat Run n Gun Championship (Palestine, TX)

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