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Cowtown Accurized AR Matches

01 Jan 2024 at 12:00AM through 31 Dec 2024 at 12:00AM

The Cowtown Accurized AR monthly match is designed specifically to help build the shooter's long-range AR accuracy. The goal of the match is to accurize the shooter by developing skills related to shooting position, environmental conditions, and holdovers. Participants don’t have to purchase a precision AR and a high-end rifle scope to be competitive.  The average skilled Multigun shooter that has reliable ammo, a zeroed rifle, and a generally good shooting technique should be able to hit the targets within the time allotted. If these skills have not been developed, the match will force the shooter to learn those skills. Occasionally, the match presents MOA sized targets and targets may be placed out to 700+ yards. However, targets past 500 yards are generous in size. Accurized AR uses a Precision Rifle format, meaning the stages will have par times and are shot-limited. The match includes one timed stage to break the ties of some of our most accomplished shooters.  Since this match will also help to build the skills of our Multigun shooters, we offer many of the same divisions as our monthly 3-Gun match. We have divisions to accommodate all AR rifle calibers.

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