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Cola Warrior

16 Feb 2023 at 12:00AM through 03 Dec 2023 at 12:00AM


What is Cola Warrior?

Cola Warrior is a pentathlon shooting event that tests endurance, strength, grit and marksmanship. Successful competitors display calm under pressure while riding the edge of exhaustion.

There are 7 regional events across the US. Nationals known as "Classic" take place in Liberty, Mississippi by invitation based on performance. Self improvement is encouraged by rewarding meritorious effort.

Cola Warrior is an avid pro 2a community. Promotion of safe firearms enjoyment coupled with strong camaraderie and cohesiveness is the priority. Courses are completed by men, women and youth, along with a kids course for the younger attendees. After dark the same course is run using night vision for those desiring an added challenge. Cola events are a family oriented weekend of competing, camping, meals, fire side chats and night vision play.

It can probably best be described as a combination Tough Mudder and 2-gun match during which participants must negotiate obstacles, shoot firearms, eat a box of marshmallow peeps and chug a six-pack of soda.

Each Cola Warrior event is similar, yet unique and features an obstacle course with 5 obstacles of varying difficulty that test the participants’ strength, speed, and stamina.



Complete 5 Obstacles

Eat a pack of Peeps

AK Disassembly/ Reassembly

Run 1/2 mile


Chug 72oz carbonated beverage of choice, or 1 gallon of milk


Required Items:

Rifle of choice + 2 standard capacity mags for said rifle

Pistol of choice + 2 standard capacity mags for said pistol

72oz of cola of your choice or a gallon of milk. 6x 12oz cans, 3x 24oz cans, or 1x 2liter with a 5oz chaser are the only allowed sizes. (Other nonstandard sizes will be considered a 2liter)

Ear and Eye protection


Penalties are earned for each failed obstacle, missed target or carbonated beverage not chugged


 Cola Warrior Facebook Page


2023 Cola Warrior Dates and Locations:

North West 4 : 16-18 Feb 2023

West 9 : 22-25 Mar 2023

South East 7 : 12-15 April 2023

Deep South 2 : 11-13 May 2023

Keystone 2 : June 2023 (TBD)

Classic 13 : Aug 2023 (TBD)

Heartland 3 : 20-23 Sept 2023

East 11 : Oct 2023 (TBD)

Flyover 6 : 29 Nov - 2 Dec 2023


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11/12/2021 3:14 PM
Justin D

Thank you ADM for your continued support. The prizes provided by ADM are always highly sought after.