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Optic Mounts For for Shotguns, Bolt Action, M1A, 10/22, Lever Action And Similar Rifle Platforms

We offer several different choices for Red Dot and Scope Mounts, and it can be overwhelming to choose the correct one for your specific setup. This blog will explain the best mounts we offer for Shotguns, Bolt Action, M1A, 10/22, Lever Action and similar rifle platforms to help determine what mount is right for you. Due to the overall design of these rifles and stocks, generally a cantilever mount is not required.

The scope mount we offer that works best for most of these rifle platforms is the AD-Recon-SL Mount. This is the lowest scope mount we offer.



If you require more height for clearance, or are using a Bolt Action Rifle in a chassis system that features a full length top optic rail, we reccomend the AD-Recon-S Mount.

The AD-Recon-S and AD-Recon-SL feature vertically split rings and are interchangeable for different ring sizes if you ever upgrade your scope. These rings are precision machined, self-centering and do not need to be lapped. These mounts offer the standard 1.5” centerline height and are straight up mounts with no forward cantilever.

For Red Dot Optics, our Low Mounts work best on these platforms.


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