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Scope Mounts For The AR-10 Platform

We offer several different choices for Scope Mounts, and it can be overwhelming to choose the correct one for your specific setup. This blog will explain the two most popular scope mounts we offer for the AR-10 Large Frame Rifle platform to help determine what mount is right for you. Since the AR-10 Upper Receiver is about 1.5” longer than the AR-15 Upper Receiver, generally a cantilever mount is not required.

The two scope mounts we offer that are specifically designed for the AR-10 platform are the AD-Recon-S and AD-Delta Scope Mounts.

The main difference between our Recon and Delta series of Scope Mounts is how the rings attach to the mount base.

The AD-Recon-S features vertically split rings and are interchangeable for different ring sizes if you ever upgrade your scope. These rings are precision machined, self-centering and do not need to be lapped.

The AD-Delta features Horizontally split rings, where the bottom ring half is built into the base, however the ring sizes are not interchangeable so you will need to purchase an entire new mount instead of just a ring set if you plan on upgrading to a different scope with a larger tube size. The Delta Scope Mount is also wider than the Recon-S, so you will have to ensure your scope is long enough to fit.

The Delta Series was originally designed to withstand the violent recoil impulse of the SCAR Platform and is a more robust design which features fewer moving parts than the AD-Recon-S Scope Mount.

Both the Recon-S and Delta mounts offer the standard 1.5” centerline height and are straight up mounts with no forward cantilever.

The tallest mount we offer for the AR-10 Rifle Platform is the AD-Delta-H. This mount is a 1.93” height and is designed to clear a top rail mounted laser or accessory. These are also great for “Heads Up” shooting however may be too tall for some users to shoot comfortably.

We also offer 20MOA and 30MOA versions of The Recon and Delta Mounts. These specific models are designed for long range shooting and will add 20” or 30” of additional elevation to your scope at 100 yards and will usually require a 200yd or 300yd zero depending on the rifles caliber and maximum distance you plan on shooting. These mounts are marked with an arrow on the side which points towards the muzzle end of the rifle and will have either 20MOA or 30MOA engraved above this arrow.

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